We firmly believe that having a deep insight into your business and the environment in which it operates is key to achieving a competitive advantage. To get these insights, you need to develop a strong strategy. We help businesses of any size to sustain and expand their results by helping them create solid, adaptive, marketing strategies that revolutionise the way they look, act and operate.


Your brand identity is a visual representation of your business and its values, incorporating your purpose, aims and how you wish to be perceived by your customers. Portfolio has a long and rich history of building and transforming some of Australia’s most renowned companies by employing a myriad of marketing techniques to build and adapt their brand identities.


A professionally-built website is the foundation of success for any business in today’s digital world. Our web development team upholds and elevates your brand identity while also maximising user experience. Our websites are structured around information architecture that is conducive to strategic search engine optimisation and management. Our content carefully manages the prominence of relevant keywords with overall readability, without detracting from the message.


With more than three decades of experience, we have an extensive knowledge base on all things print, as well as a handpicked network of quality, reliable print suppliers. It is this wealth of experience that allows us to provide all clients with the highest quality and most cost-effective products, meeting even the tightest of deadlines.

Digital Marketing

Portfolio places an emphasis on developing an adaptive digital strategy to place your business precisely where it needs to be now and where it’s going to be in the future. How? We have identified six key pillars in the digital marketing space that we use to provide your business with the most effective solutions: strategise, create, integrate, implement, analyse and optimise.


In a world where we’re bombarded with advertisements, both offline and online, the ability to deliver a succinct message has never been more important. The right combination of words, imagery and design can be the making of a new brand, or the building of recognition for a new product or service. Portfolio has a long history in the production and design of all levels of signage, from the humble A-frame to 15 metre Supersite billboards. At Portfolio, we pride ourselves on our land subdivision signage expertise, offering a wide range of solutions including flag poles, silent salespersons, blade and directional signage, hoardings and teardrop banners.

Display Centres

Portfolio has been trusted to deliver industry leading sales centres for more than 20 years. We present quality graphics which nurture the buyer journey while priming customers for the journey from sales team support through to the conclusion of the decision-making process. Engaging media has been at the forefront of our design, where aesthetic meets practical implementation, producing a seamless integration of message and detail.


Promotional items place your brand in the hands and homes of consumers, to reinforce your identity and build awareness. Our merchandise is purposeful and our experience allows us to respond to campaign briefs with creativity and ingenuity. Portfolio makes a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impacts that may be associated with creating merchandise, which often resonates with our client’s sense of corporate social responsibility. Our direct factory supply chain with both local and offshore suppliers ensures that your merchandise will be delivered on time, on budget and on brief.


We focus on a story-telling and content- led approach to all campaigns, whether it’s for print, digital or social media campaigns. Our messaging resonates with your target audiences and reaffirms your brand intention. Our words are carefully selected for relevance and strategic ranking within search engine results.


On top of our visual branding services, Portfolio can assist in naming or re-naming businesses, as well as developing taglines and slogans.

This is a skill that quite often sets the tone for projects large and small. Portfolio has created memorable names and importantly an accompanying positioning statement that encapsulates the spirit of the project.

Photography & Videography

We work with a selected a group of dynamic photographers and videographers with skill sets that suit every occasion, from corporate portraits
to complex shoots involving talent and propping.

We provide art direction in collaboration with our suppliers so that the creative strategy behind each campaign is upheld in the content produced.

Video Content

Video creation has never been more important to any campaign. The art of developing engaging videos should be at the forefront of any tactical strategy. Portfolio has developed a considerable body of video work over the last 30+ years, from 30-second TVCs to five-second advertising for YouTube. The significance of this capability requires careful crafting of engaging content, with visuals targeted to precise markets. Portfolio understands the vital role video plays in a brand’s marketing mix, and uses the utmost care and precision to deliver engaging content.